Hello Kitty Magazine graphic design

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Project Description

Egmont Children’s Publishing needed a redesign for their monthly Hello Kitty magazine. Packed full of Hello Kitty fun we themed every magazine taking inspiration from the Sanrio’s amazing library of content. Each issue was a hands on arts and craft experience designed to entertain as well as educate.

Coxeco created a wonderful world of fun for our readers designing engaging layouts for 5-9 year old girls. Working with our writers to make the Hello Kitty brand connect in a fun and educating way. All the while adhering to Sanrio’s strict brand guidelines.

Sarah Delmege, Egmont Publishing


Who are your customers?
The brand needs to appeal to them, not necessarily you.

Sometimes it’s easy to be too involved with your brand. You’ve been building the business for so long it’s hard to be objective. Trust us as designers to give an impartial opinion. We obsess about brands 24/7.

We collect elements that relate to your brand. Words, pictures, graphics, images, colours etc. We put this together and call it a ‘mood board’. it’s a great way of nailing down what works and what doesn’t.

Who are your most successful competitors? What are they doing right?

What is unique about your business/ brand /service? Decide what it is and us that as a basis for all marketing ideas

Imagine you are a customer what do you expect to see?


  1. You brief us on your business marketing needs.
  2. We research your market, analyse competitors. Sometimes rewrite brief to focus exactly the direction to take.
  3. Ideas time! The fun creative part where we brainstorm a heap of ideas.
  4. Idea work up. We’ll choose the best 3 ideas and work them up into a presentation.
  5. Development stage. You choose 1 idea and we refine it.
  6. You approve final brand and we translate that style across all media.
  7. Your business booms!